The Project

India Today/Copenhagen Tomorrow was a Danish/Indian project initiated by the Danish Holck-Larsen Foundation. The foundation was established by Henning Holck-Larsen, co-founder of the Indian company Larsen & Toubro, which is one of the leading and most admired companies in India.

The purpose of India Today/Copenhagen Tomorrow was to link the people of India and Denmark in the true spirit of Mr. Holck-Larsen by promoting exchange of culture, science and trade between the two countries. 

It was thus the aim that the various activities under India Today/Copenhagen Tomorrow would unlock Denmark and the Danes to modern India and allow Indians to become better informed about Denmark - to the mutual benefit of the people of both countries. The activities strengthened the existing ties between India and Denmark and they also strengthened the commercial connection and thus promoted trade and investment between the two countries.

The activities have primarily taken place in Denmark and were spectacular events, not least due to the great support from the Holck-Larsen Foundation and from Larsen & Toubro through generous donations and through Mr A.M. Naik’s personal involvement as honorary chairman of the project. Mr Naik is the chairman and managing director of Larsen & Toubro, and he has received numerous prestigious awards for being an outstanding business leader. Mr Naik is Honorary Consul General for Denmark. 

Each of the activities were individual activities under the institutions mentioned. However, a common trait of all the activities was that they promoted the Indian/Danish relationship and were carried through under the name of India Today/Copenhagen Tomorrow. Thereby the impact of each activity was strengthened. 

The activities commenced on 18 August 2012 with the opening of the exhibition at ARKEN. You can read about the activities here

Ravinder Reddy

Indian contemporary art at Arken