Indian dance at the Royal Danish Theatre

20 October 2012  - 21 October 2012

The Royal Danish Theatre, in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), presented a guest performance by Rhythmosaic Dance Company.

The Indian dancing company visited the Royal Danish Theatre's Playhouse Scene on 20 and 21 October with a new, modern interpretation of the classic Russian ballet 'The Swan Lake', here transformed into an Indian-French dance performance combining jazz, kathak dancing, tap dancing and flamenco.

Swan Lake Revisited is still a love story, where the evil Von Rothbart has transformed Princess Odette into a swan during the daytime, and Prince Seigfried falls in love with her one night - where she is a human being. But even though the theme is the same as in the original story, the plot in Swan Lake Revisited has been brought forward into the pre-sent day. The banquet hall had been turned into a cafeteria, the wood into a bustling street, and the ballet steps into modern dance. It was still Tchaikovsky's familiar music, but with Indian notes added.