Blue Lotus featuring Shashank and Patri Satish Kumar at ARKEN

21 October 2012

On 21 October at 2 pm a cultural meeting took place at ARKEN, where the trio Blue Lotus was joined by two outstanding Indian guests. Young flute player Shashank Subramanyam is a true master. He has played with Paca de Lucia and John McLaughlin. He brought along Patri Satish Kumar, who plays the Indian double drum mrigandam.

Inspiration from different cultures
Blue Lotus is a trio consisting of guitarist Mikkel Nordsø, harpist Tine Rehling and tabla player Ole Theill. Mikel Nordsø is one of the most famous guitar players in Denmark. In 1985 he formed the Mikkel Nordsø Band, while at the same time perfecting his own personal style on acoustic guitar. Tine Rehling is one of the few harpists in Scandinavia who can bring music to life both as a soloist and as a chamber musician. Ole Theill is known as a versatile, imaginative drummer and a unique tabla player. An unusual trio that blends the sounds of tabla, harp and the acoustic guitar in surprising ways, each musician being inspired by their experience with South America, India, chamber music and, of course, Scandinavia.